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“Good Coaching is about creating an ongoing partnership between coach and rider”

Andy Clark

Cycling has been at the center of Andy Clark's life for over 30 years. He has raced bikes professionally around the world and on the U.S. domestic pro circuit. His record is distinguished as a Team Director and Cycling Coach. Andy is currently the head coach and a founding board member of the Ciclismo Youth Foundation. He is also a certified coach trainer for the Colorado High School MTB league and NICA. Collaborating with the best physiologists, nutritionists, and bike fit gurus; Andy uses the best information possible to create championship-caliber athletes. His’s athletes have been successful on the Road, Track, Mountain bike and in Cyclocross. Coaching riders to win over 80 national medals. With his athletes winning 8 national championships!


Steve Stefko

7 Time National Championship Medalist

"It's great to have an incredibly knowledgeable coach that is also a friend whom I can confide and be 100% honest. It's that open communication that allows us to excel. Through all the ups and downs he's always there for me."

Skyler Trujillo

National Champion
21 Time  National Championship Medalist

" I would say the greatest thing about Andy’s style of coaching is, that he always listens to you and your body to optimize results based on the amount of time given to train.  He also didn’t just give me workouts to follow blindly. He was a teacher and educated me about how my body works and how to train it.  Andy taught me how to be a strong life long cyclist."

Brannan Fix

National Champion
10 Time  National Championship Medalist

"I love working with Andy because of the level of communication we have developed over the years. It feels like Andy is emotionally invested in my success, and that shows when we talk about workouts, make adjustments on the fly, and have chats over coffee about everything from power data to talking about Fort Collins."

Dwight Hall

National Champion

"As a life long self coached racer I reached a high level and got many good results. It wasn't until I started working with Ciclismo Coaching that I reached my potential and won the 2017 USAC Mountain Bike Marathon National Championship. Coach Andy uses the latest scientific approach to training while tailoring a program for each athlete and their needs."

Olivia Cummins

National Champion
16 Time National Championship Medalist
Olympic Track Development Program

"As a junior cyclist I appreciate Andy's ability to balance both my short-term seasonal and long-term career goals at once without burning me out."

Dan Porter

 Masters Racer

"With Andy's help, I was able to finish on the podium in 8 out of 11 local races and never out of the top 5 during the 2018/19 CX season. As a father of three, I appreciate his ability to customize training around my unpredictable schedule"



Initial consultation and assessment includes:

  • Tests at the CU Champion Center using Dr. Inigo San Millan testing protocol to determine your personalized training zones and
    philological parameters to best set training protocol for each rider
  • Season plan based on your goals, time availability, and testing results.
  • Monthly coaching includes:
  • Training Peaks Account
  • Daily workout assignments and designed to fit your schedule/lifestyle
  • Workout file review
  • On and off the bike nutrition planning
  • Weekly email, text, and phone contact (athlete initiated)
  • Race strategy development.
Mountain Bike Racing Camp

2021 information will be announced soon.

Strength and Cross Training

2021 Strength and Endurance Program is SOLD OUT

One of the keys to successful cycling is injury prevention. The goals for our strength programs are to create core strength, stability, muscular balance, and correct muscular alignment. Through well designed workouts Andy can help you eliminate those nagging imbalances that give us pain and prevent us from reaching our best performances. Once thought of as only off-season training, now, gym work has become a regular part of professionals year round training.

Training Plans & Data Analysis

A one-time face-to-face training consultation with a client (usually lasts about 2 hours) in which we discuss training options, competition calendar and workout specifics in relation to cycling goals for a given period of time (several months). After this meeting the client will receive a training overview for the time period discussed.

Andy can take heart rate, power and metabolic information and turn it into a useful, goal driven, training plan.

Bike Handling and Skills

Cycling on and off road is a skill sport and honing those skills can give you free time over the competition. These custom-made practice sessions are designed to give riders the skills and confidence to better enjoy their cycling experience.  These road, cyclo-cross and mountain bike practices can be on or off road and will be customized to the rider’s needs and goals.

Ciclismo Racing Junior Program

Race focused bike practice program from March through July.
Tuesday/Thursday bike practice and weekend endurance ride when not racing.

  • Racing bibs and jersey.
  • Testing to set training zones.
  • 14 days of racing building to MTB National Championships.

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